Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting Closer

Well we are now drawing near to the end of September..which means our little baby Sawyer Genevieve will be here soon! I am now considered full term so technically this little girl could be here any day. I am hoping that I have my sisters luck and she decides to come at least a little bit early. Hopefully not until after I get my hair done tomorrow though:) She moves around like crazy. Usually will her legs sticking out the right side of me and her little rump up inside my legs. She is starting to make sleeping VERY difficult. So combined with her daddy's sleep talking/walking lets just say is been a rough couple of weeks for sleeping. Our little Sawyer measures a little bit small but just in her abdomen so they aren't worried. They said she will just be a skinny baby not a fat baby. If I go full term she will weight 6lbs something I can't remember how many oz they said. That is a lot better than if they had said 8-10lbs!

We had the Twin Falls county fair a couple weeks ago and Devon's parents do a food booth. I helped out on Saturday, but worked way to hard for being 9 months pregnant and ended up getting sick so on Sunday all I could do was sit it the back and peel peaches and make onion ring towers. Needless to say I felt pretty useless...and I do not like that feeling, but I had to make sure that little Sawyer was safe:)We all had fun though despite a few who had some temper tantrums and some emotional break downs.

 In July we went to NY to visit my parents and had a wonderful time! We swam in their pool, visited all the church historic sites like Palmyra, the Smith family farm, and we went to the Palmyra pageant. We also went to Niagara Falls. I am trying to get some pictures up, but they seem to be lost on my computer somewhere. So as soon as I can find them I will get them up here:) We got to see my grandpa while we were there. He didn't remember who I was, but it was good for me to see him because it will probably be the last time I get to. It was also the last time I was able to see our dog Nigel. We didn't know that at the time, but later found out he had a big tumor in his ear and they had to put him down a couple weeks ago. He was a good puppy.

We had our child birth class last weekend and it kinda freaked Devon out a little bit. Well a lot a bit. ha. Hopefully he will be less scared and nervous when it is actually happening! We are both getting excited and anxious. It will be nice when she is finally here! My mother will be coming out thankfully! My cousin is leaving on a mission so she will drop her off in UT and they will all attend General Conference and then come up to ID and stay with me for a couple weeks while we get settled with our new bundle of joy. And I will have 6 weeks off of work:) It will not be long enough so we will have to figure out what we are going to do with our little princess when it is time for me to go back to work. Luckily Devon only has class twice a week so we may be able to just work it out so she is always with either me or him nobody else!!:)

My niece and nephews birthday party was on Saturday and they were so stinking adorable!! They both loved their presents. Kady got a baby alive doll, clothes, books, and I got her this thing called a Lala Loopsy doll toy and apparently she played with it for hours today, so I did a good job! Bradon of course got mostly Cars stuff...mainly Tow Mater and Lightning Mcqueen, and oh my goodness he did not want to share! As soon as one of his cousins (well second cousins I guess) tried to touch any of his cars stuff or his train set my parents got him, he freaked out!! ha But in his defense it was his birthday and they were his brand new toys. Maybe next time he will be willing to share.

The six weeks I am off hopefully I will have more time to blog so my sister stops getting mad at me:)