Saturday, April 14, 2012

New beginnings big and small...:)

Well as you all probably know I am horrible at this blogging thing! But I do my best:)
First of all I should let everyone know who doesn't already I am no longer in the nursing program and I LOVE it! It turns out that I actually do not want to be a nurse. However, I am working at the hospital still. I am a receptionist in the St. Lukes Clinic Physician Center. It is so much fun. I get to work with my friend Maricela. So for now I am just working while my husband goes to school.

...Our big exciting news lately is that we are having a baby!!!...
I am about 15 weeks, so in 5 more weeks we will know if we are having a little prince or princess! Hopefully a princess. In the beginning he wanted a boy, but now I think I have him convinced to want a girl. Too bad we don't have any control over what our little baby will be. As long as he or she is healthy I will be extremely happy. I would just be super excited if it turns out to be a girl:) Everything makes me cry lately. My mood changes like every five minutes it's awful. One minute I'm happy the next I'm crying. It is a good thing I have a very loving husband that puts up with my mood swings. Man it must stink to be him on those days.

...Last weekend older sister, her husband, and adorable little nephew came to visit us for Easter. It was so much fun watching them hunt for eggs. Kadance of course wanted to get all of them for herself so we had to keep telling her to put them back so the little kids could pick up some eggs as well. There are videos of all of them easter egg hunting on my facebook page.