Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Happenings

I start the nursing program this fall and Devon starts the accounting program through BSU this fall. Our little apartment is slowly looking better and more like a home! My phlebotomy class is going very well, but i have to have 100 clinical hours by August 22 and i will be in Alaska for about 10 days including travel so it is going to be hard to get it all in with work too. Especially because I still haven't even gotten my assignment to do my clinical hours. I think we are going fishing on Saturday we just have to borrow some fishing gear from his grandparents. We went to Michaels a couple weeks ago and found those old, huge, wax lips, and some old 3D glasses that we were just goofing around with one night. It was kinda lame, but fun! Our new favorite movie is Just go With it. It is hilarious we got it from netflix and loved it so much we went out and bought it. At a family dinner the other night we found out that both of his sisters in law are pregnant so then everyone looked at me saying when are you going to get pregnant....i felt super awkward and just kind of shook my head. Me a Devon decided that it would be best  if we waited until after the nursing program. I finally my thank you notes sent out from our wedding presents. Sorry to everyone for how late they are. We are still waiting on the rest of our photos from Devon's brother London though. Mainly we have just been doing school since we are both taking summer classes and I'm testing out of a class too. I recently found out that the first semester of nursing is only 7 credits and i already have all my of pre-requisites done even for a bachelors degree so i have to figure out what other classes i can take. So luckily my teacher just called me and i will start my clinicals next week! now i just have to coordinate with my work schedule. Why does life have to be so frustrating?Things can never just be easy. My niece is going to sleep over tonight i think so that should be an interesting experience..we'll see if both of us survive:)